We provide a wide variety of services including screening, comprehensive evaluations, private consultations, and individualized treatment plans.

Traditional therapy methods along with a variety of specialized programs are used in conjunction to facilitate the achievement of age-appropriate skills and to maximize participation in everyday activities.

Handwriting Without Tears

"Developmentally appropriate, multi-sensory handwriting instruction for all learning styles in grades K–5, including new, innovative materials and the freshest strategies to evolve with classroom trends and standards."

Astronaut Training 

Astronaut Training is a therapeutic protocol that utilizes a combination of rotation, auditory, and visual inputs. Use of this program helps a child to detect where their body is in space and increase balance and coordination in order to properly process vestibular input which in turn helps them to develop the skills necessary for social and play skills, as well as enhancing learning and memory.

Therapeutic Listening

Therapeutic Listening is a research based tool for treating people of all ages who have difficulty with processing sensory information, listening, attention, and communication through the use of individualized musical pieces, selected based upon the specific needs of the child.

Keyboarding Without Tears

"Keyboarding Without Tears is a web-based curriculum for Kindergarten through 5th grade that teaches typing, general computer readiness, digital citizenship, and online test prep."